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Jair's previous adventure was across the Sea of Blood. Jair is said to have a 'mother-in-law'.[1] He may have been from Meadowdale.

Shadowgate--ancient keep of the Circle of Twelve--stands guard, a lone sentinel: waiting and watching for Jair's arrival. He is the "Seed of Prophecy," destined to fulfill the oracles of the ancients. His call--the only call--was to find the Staff of Ages and conquer the dreadful Warlock Lord, before he raised the great Behemoth, Last of the Titans, and destroyed the world. He reclaimed the castle and freed the world from the throes of the Warlock Lord. He was found worthy, and his name was honored throughout time.

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As the last of the Line of Kings, only Jair possessed the power to prevent the evil Warlock Lord from raising the Behemoth and unleashing it upon the land. His quest lied within the Castle Shadowgate with its secret passageways, collapsing floors, and armed creatures. His courage and wisdom saw him through... but a good sword was helpful.

Shadowgate 64Edit

Jair's original homeland was Westland. He was given the title of Lord of the Westland by King Aronde.


  • Seed of Prophecy
  • Lord of the Westland

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Jair was technically nameless in the original versions of Shadowgate and the Shadowgate Classic equivalents (note this discusses retro versions not the 2005 Shadowgate Classic Mobile or the Shadowgate (2014) versions, the latter of which certainly gives him a name). Instead the player is able to type out his own name for the character and print off a 'certificate' of completion.

Jair's name originated in the Before Shadowgate story (from Jairen), but shortened to simply Jair (one aspect of the novel taken into the general canon in later storylines). Jair is only specifically used by Shadowgate 64. He was still only a nameless hero mentioned in prologue for Beyond Shadowgate.

He also appears as simply Jair in the website story introduction and the related Shadowgate Classic hint comic made for the Gameboy Color & PC Shadowgate Classic release versions.

There are some backstory differences between the various versions of Shadowgate's stories. Either changes to where Jair's original homeland was located, or sometimes the list of adventures or things he had done in his past. Before Shadowgate for example gives him the background of "Jairen", and more or less sets him up his 'next adventure' to conquer Castle Shadowgate (this was relatively non conflicting with the less wordy NES version of the game, other than possibly reinterpreting the manual's background a bit). However, references within the PC versions (Mac/IBM/Amiga, etc) show that he had been on a number of different adventures before his journey to Shadowgate, and that he was a great warrior (and apparently even already married).

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